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John C. Austin, MA, LADC1, CEAP, SAP: I am a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor
and a DOT Substance Abuse Professional, who specializes in Counseling, Assessments and Referrals, Drug and Alcohol Interventions, and Employee Assistance right here on Cape Cod.

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What is addiction? Addiction has two components: physical dependence coupled with mental obsession.

What is counseling? Counseling is a process in which problems are identified. Then the client and counselor work together to resolve the problem.

How long will it take to get better? Again it depends on the nature of the problem.

path to recovery

I provide support and guidance for a wide range of emotion and behavioral issues coexisting with substance dependence; I work with clients who have co-occurring conditions:

Sessions last one hour. Cost for sessions range from $50.00 to $125.00. I do not accept insurance. Sliding scale is available.
Hours Monday - Saturday. Call me at 774-487-0824 for an
appointment and directions.


Mission Statement: I believe that counseling is a collaborative effort between client and counselor.
Together the problem is defined. Together a treatment plan is developed that is realistic and achievable.

For consumer protection, counselors are licensed by the state, and adhere to a code of ethics.
I am a licensed drug and alcohol counselor: LADC1. I am licensed in Massachusetts (License No. 2167)
and New Jersey (License No. 37LC00129800).

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Education: BS, MA, State University of New York

Employee Assistance Professional
Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor
Substance Abuse Professional
Certified Hypnotist

Private practice
In-patient treatment
Out-patient treatment
Providing employee assistance to various companies
Gestalt training

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NA - Narcotics Anonymous
SMART Recovery- Self-empowering addiction recovery

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